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Namaste Wear and Rise Up Yoga have teamed up for an amazing Fundraiser. We are selling a Morse Code Healing Bracelet below to raise money for an amazing cause. This handcrafted bracelet was made with Healing Love and Light and Positive Energy.  The Lava beads and square Hematite beads spell out the words "Rise Up" in Morse Code.  Help us raise money and get yours today. Click the picture or buy option to purchase.

We'd like to introduce you to Rise Up!

Rise Up Yoga, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing yoga, COMMUNITY BUILDING, and leadership skills to at-risk youth and THEIR families. Rise Up Yoga is centered around the emotional and physical development of at-risk youth through the practice of yoga, community building centered activities and meditation. The organization currently works with children residing in therapeutic group care, foster homes and community centers with the aspiration to grow into detention centers throughout the state of Florida and beyond. The purpose of the organization is to allow the at-risk population under the age of 18 as well as low-income families access to the practice of yoga and meditation. All funds raised by the Rise Up and Race event go directly toward providing trauma-sensitive yoga practices to the youth we serve and will greatly impact our mission to expand throughout the state of Florida. 


*If you're interested in collaborating for a fundraiser with a a bracelet to match your theme, send an email to

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